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FC Resource started in August 2008 as a few pages that allowed you to browse the list of levels and designs outside the game. At the time, the only way you could do that was through the awful in-game interface. Over time, the site grew and gradually received new additions. In early 2009, FC Resource was integrated into the Fantastic Contraption website, and now you can find a similar interface on as you can find here. However, since that time, this particular version of FC Resource has continued to receive new features, making it superior to the version currently on the game's official website.

The website is powered by PHP, GD, Smarty, DOM, XPath, jQuery, and mopTip. Git is used for version control. Build scripts are written in Python.


Please contact sk89q by private message on the official forum. You can also alternatively post on FC Resource's thread.


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Fantastic Contraption is a fun, free, physics game that encourages players from any age (young to old) to create contraptions from a wide variety of parts such as motors (powered wheels), plain old wheels, and two kinds of rods to joint together different parts. The physics simulation game is web-based and only requires Adobe Flash player to run. So, for all those who want to take a break away from first person shooters (FPS), roleplaying games (RPG), and strategy/RTS games, Fantastic Contraption is a great game to try out. Fantastic Contraption Resource is a fan-created resource website for Fantastic Contraption that provides many functions that the game currently lacks.