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Design #11760696: Thanks, Dok!

...Tweak help by DoktorQ


Penalty shot badge Penalty Shot: This design did not move any goal objects !

More Badges

The following badges that only a human can identify. This particular design may have earned some of the following badges!

Boomerang badge Boomerang: The goal parts return to the building area !
Clean badge Clean: The entire contraption falls off the map!
Champion badge Champion: The goal parts never leave the goal area once they're firmly there!


Joint count: 141 joints
Apparent joint count: 72 joints
Neutronium factor (total/apparent): 0
Filesize: 55604 bytes


Start areas : 1
Goal areas : 1
Static rectangles : 32
Static circles : 4
Dynamic rectangles : 0
Dynamic circles : 0
Goal rectangles : 0
Goal circles : 1
Total: 39

Added by this Design

Unpowered wheels : 0
CW wheels : 11
CCW wheels : 5
Water rods : 69
Solid wood rods : 34
Total: 119
Mass (in mass units): 153894.9323567 mass units
Mass (in water rod mass units): 961.84332722936u



Breakdown of quality ratings

Number of ratings: 5
Minimum rating: 1
Maximum rating: 5
Average rating: 4.2
Std. deviation: 1.6
1: 1
2: 0
3: 0
4: 0
5: 4
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Fantastic Contraption is a fun, free, physics game that encourages players from any age (young to old) to create contraptions from a wide variety of parts such as motors (powered wheels), plain old wheels, and two kinds of rods to joint together different parts. The physics simulation game is web-based and only requires Adobe Flash player to run. So, for all those who want to take a break away from first person shooters (FPS), roleplaying games (RPG), and strategy/RTS games, Fantastic Contraption is a great game to try out. Fantastic Contraption Resource is a fan-created resource website for Fantastic Contraption that provides many functions that the game currently lacks.